Momentum Team Celebrates Halloween 2022


Each Halloween the Momentum team comes together for some festive spooky fun. With the growth of our remote team over the last year, we split the fun into in-person and virtual events for everyone!

As part of the in-person party, we kicked things off with a Halloween costume contest. This year costumes included a tribute to Grease, an adorable vampire Pusheen, and Tina from Bob’s Burgers. The team also broke out the icing and sprinkles to put together some Halloween gingerbread houses while our virtual team was sent the goods to decorate cookies.

In the afternoon everyone game together for a virtual murder mystery party! Each team member received a role and script with an opportunity to find our mystery killer in a circus themed story. Halloween themed games and scary movies were also a part of the agenda to round out a break from work life to enjoy a day with coworkers.

Momentum's Bio

Having worked with industrial and manufacturing companies over the last decade, Momentum has become a knowledgeable source for digital marketing in the manufacturing world. We utilize our knowledge to build traffic, leads, and brand awareness for our clients, but we also put some of that information out right here in our blog for anyone looking to learn.