About Us

A Leader in Digital Marketing

The leaders of Momentum envision a future where we are recognized as the leading digital marketing and recruitment firm in the United States. We know that such a future would not be possible without the talented, creative and forward-thinking individuals that make up our entire team. If you have what it takes to keep the industry moving forward, we invite you to explore the perks of life at Momentum. Read on to find out more about our innovative and driven departments.


To get small to mid-size companies more business online.


Our team values relationships, community, innovation, and results. We aim for meaningful and measurable results by using our proven process to bring our clients success.


At Momentum, our mission is to work as a partner to our clients to grow their business through website design and digital marketing.

There's No Limit on Talent

Our corporate office is proud to be located in a thriving Michigan community. Downtown Utica has plenty to offer, from trendy restaurants and breweries to pristine parks and rivers. These days, we know the best talent may not be local, which is why we welcome potential hires from all over. Our diverse team stretches time zones and countries.


Momentum brings people from all backgrounds together to accomplish digital marketing success for our clients. Each department is full of talented, creative and forward-thinking individuals. If you have what it takes to keep the industry moving forward, explore the perks of life at Momentum.


This department consists of highly motivated individuals who are committed to providing our clients with the best solutions possible. Our sales team has many years of combined experience selling digital marketing to companies of all sizes.


Our production team has developers and designers from all backgrounds to provide a high-quality well-rounded team. This team consists of organized and detail-oriented people who ensure that everything is running smoothly and on-time while adhering to best practices.

Managed Services

This department’s goal is to get as many eyes on our clients’ content as possible. Our managed services team includes our digital marketing professionals experienced in search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaigns, and content management.


The support department utilizes knowledge from all backgrounds to tackle all types of support requests. They include expert problem solvers who provide detailed strategies to ensure our clients’ marketing journey is overall seamless and successful.


Our internal marketing team handles client outreach and branding for Momentum through social media, email, and more. This department often works as the face of our company, producing all materials that represent our business and what we have to offer.


We’re very passionate about building up the next generation of marketing professionals. Our internship program gives students the unique opportunity to learn digital marketing while contributing to real projects to gain real work experience in the industry.

Build Your Career with Momentum

If you’re interested in joining our ever-evolving company, browse our current openings and apply today!