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We receive questions often about our practices and who we are as a company. We’ve provided some FAQs to help you decide if Momentum might be the right fit for you. Read on to find out more about our opportunities or how you can prepare for an interview.

Momentum Marketing & Design

Company FAQs

Relocation is not necessary! While we’d be excited to have more local team members, we understand that you may happy where you live and we want you to be happy where you work, even if that’s from another time zone.

Company benefits begin following a 90 day evaluation. If you remain in good standing following the review, you’ll get information about your IRA & insurance accounts, time off, and more!

View the full process here.

While Momentum does not provide a monthly stipend for utilities like Internet or electricity, the company does offer an annual equipment allowance to help you upgrade your space to exactly what you need to get the job done!

Momentum’s management style is focused on growth and collaboration. We help each other out, whether it’s with troubleshooting a technical issue or coming together to handle a difficult client situation. We understand people make mistakes, what is important is that you learn from them.

The majority of work done as an employee at Momentum can be done on a fairly standard computing setup. The primary requirements are simply stable Internet and a reliable desktop or laptop. Higher quality systems may be required by the position, like in a design role for example.

While training time for each position varies, Momentum has an onboarding system that will help new hires learn everything from our organizational filing and communication tools to regular tasks for a role.

There is a 90 day introductory period after which an evaluation will be held.

Two weeks of paid time off is offered to any new parents. Additional time will be considered on a case to case basis.

While Momentum has no formal dress code, we do expect employees to be presentable during client or team meetings.

During a client meeting, is preferred that members wear a piece of Momentum apparel.

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