Reflecting on Momentum’s History & 14-Year Anniversary


For Jimi and Adam, Co-Founders of Momentum, the fascination with digital marketing started long before 2010. Sharing his insight into how they came together to form Momentum, Jimi said:

It all started back when I was just 15, tinkering with HTML on sites like LiveJournal and MySpace. My curiosity led me to create over 20 hobby websites before I landed my first real client, Michigan Head & Neck Institute. That first project was a big milestone for me—it helped me buy my very first work PC!

Jimi Plouffe
Jimi, founder of Momentum, shares a presentation to a room full of children

Humble Beginnings (2009-2011)

In 2009, Jimi met Adam. Adam was already pretty skilled at building websites and had his own ventures. The two clicked right away and started working on projects together. Adam was the developer and Jimi handled the design and sales. They made a great team and soon managed more and more projects, especially after they began partnering with other agencies.

Seeing their success, Adam quit his agency job in 2010 and joined Jimi in starting Momentum. They set up their first “office” in a spare bedroom at Jimi’s apartment. It was humble beginnings, but they were driven by a shared vision!

Momentum Expands (2011-2020)

By 2012, Momentum was ready to expand. Momentum hired its first employee and moved into an office in Clinton Township, later expanding next door. Eventually, Momentum moved to Utica where its headquarters are still based today.

Momentum Becomes Remote (2021-Present)

Momentum team members on a Zoom call during Show and Tell day

In 2021, Momentum shifted to remote work, allowing the company to team up with talented people from all over the United States.

This shift helped Momentum expand its skills and perspectives and set the stage for the company’s future success.

Momentum Celebrates 14 Years

Momentum celebrated its 14th anniversary on Friday, April 26, 2024 with a one-hour event.

During the event, team members were pitted against each other to see who could complete a virtual escape room first. The journey took the Momentum team to the depths of the ocean floor, where they searched for the lost treasure of Atlantis.

The “Class Clowns” team pulled through with a finishing time of 41:56 followed by the Crabby Patties and the Safe Bets.

A t-shirt with a 'Momentum Day 2024' and elephant logo

Each team member also received a customized Momentum Day t-shirt, featuring an elephant, which represents the symbol of a 14th anniversary—ivory.

In 2010, all Jimi and Adam had was a shared vision. Now, that shared vision has become something much bigger—a successful digital marketing agency not just committed to its clients but also to creating a safe, engaging, and welcoming environment for its local and remote employees.

Jimi reflects on Momentum’s 14th year with this message:

Fourteen years later, here we are. We’ve grown and changed in so many ways, but our core values and dedication to providing exceptional results for our customers has never wavered.

Jimi Plouffe

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HR & Project Manager Lauren

Lauren Bareiss's Bio

Lauren Bareiss is HR and Project Manager at Momentum. She has a background in website development, graphic design, photography, and writing that helps her oversee digital marketing projects for our clients. Dedicated to providing the most for her clients and her team, she believes that the success of others is a success for everyone. When it comes to Lauren's personal life, she has a passion for traveling, craft beer, and photographing waterfalls and the northern lights.