Manufacturing Day


On Thursday, October 6, 2022, Momentum hosted a MFG Day event for over 40 marketing students from Warren Consolidated Schools and Chippewa Valley Schools. 

MFG Day is an initiative created by the Manufacturing Institute, and is celebrated on the first Friday of October each year. The goal of this annual celebration is to inspire youth to pursue a career in manufacturing. Although Momentum is not a manufacturer, the agency offers comprehensive industrial marketing campaigns to local manufacturers in Macomb County and around the United States.

During Momentum’s MFG Day event, our team spoke to high schoolers about industrial marketing, how it differs from standard B2B (business-to-business) marketing, and the benefits of pursuing this type of career. After the presentation, students also participated in several manufacturing-inspired activities, and took home custom-made die-stamped keychains.

“Their [Momentum’s] expertise and in-depth knowledge of so many facets of the industry and how marketing fits was engaging and relevant for both my students and myself,” said Dawn Worde, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Instructor for Chippewa Valley Schools. “Many left excited about the potential of starting a marketing career.”

Dawn Worde- Marketing & Entrepreneurship Instructor

Since Momentum’s founding in 2010, the industrial marketing agency has been committed to becoming active members of the community by partnering with schools, local manufacturing associations, and local businesses.

Momentum's Bio

Having worked with industrial and manufacturing companies over the last decade, Momentum has become a knowledgeable source for digital marketing in the manufacturing world. We utilize our knowledge to build traffic, leads, and brand awareness for our clients, but we also put some of that information out right here in our blog for anyone looking to learn.